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About Us

Founded by Jacinda Kidd, Sea A Change is a team of Social Enterprise Ambassadors who work together to support social enterprises from island nations. We look at triple bottom line sustainability and partner with businesses who feature both positive environmental and social impacts. We collaborate with, support and promote other businesses as this offers a much greater impact than competing with them.
Sea A Change offers fair trade products that you can believe in and feel good about owning. We empower and support women, who like us, want to make positive changes. Through your purchase of our products, you directly help to support the artisans family and provide a positive future for their children.
We want to not only be the change we wish to see in the world; but also, to help others share that dream.
What is Social Enterprise? 
A Social Enterprise is a business which focuses on social impact. They understand that profit is not the only bottom line and look at more sustainable ideas to also consider people and planet. Social Enterprises can trade in various ways to create an impact including; tackling social problems, improving communities, providing employment and training, or through helping the environment. 
This is just the beginning for Sea A Change and we hope you follow our journey as we progress to making a difference in the world.  
You can find out more about our mission or get in touch by emailing