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Rea - Necklace by Lumago (Daydream)

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Rea has been with Lumago since the beginning and is a timeless classic. The flying saucer style paper beads add a tribal edge and the bold colours will brighten up any outfit.

Please note as each piece is handmade, no two pieces are ever alike making them completely one of a kind. This means once an item is sold there is no guarantee to get it back in the same colour.

All beads are dipped in a resin and dried 3 times. Although this makes the beads durable and water resistant, they are not waterproof.  We do not recommend that they are worn in the shower or while swimming.


All jewelry from Lumago Designs is upcycled, designed, fairly traded & handmade in the Philippines using sustainable materials.

Lumago Designs is a Social Enterprise based in Dumaguete City committed to triple bottom line sustainability.  Our artisans can be proud of their distinct creativity and expert craftsmanship developed through many years of experience.  By creating opportunities for these women, reducing solid waste, and ensuring the proceeds of their hard work are reinvested in the program and community, Lumago Designs enables these Filipino mothers to create a sustainable future for their children.