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Keep your plastics to go sustainable...

Posted by Jacinda Kidd on

It's new year's eve and everyone is getting set for their resolutions and goals for 2019. I have been seeing so many great posts regarding swaps and changes to go plastic free and reduce waste... I love this and it is something I am only just beginning for myself (you can follow my journey and share your tips in our brand new facebook group).

BUT.... I do want to take this opportunity to remind you that going plastic free should not mean just ditching out everything you have to replace with new eco friendly options. If you currently own and use something that is plastic... keep using it. Only make your changes when it is absolutely necessary for that item to be replaced... and then if you can upcycle it into something else, or recycle it if it can be. 

Sustainable practices are about more than buying new stuff just because it is considered eco-friendly. If you are looking at ways you can become more sustainable in the new year, a little bit of research will find you many great initiatives out there, read through ideas and choose what feels right for you. Don't be made to feel guilty if you can't change everything. It's your journey and any change is good change. Make sure you check out Take The Pledge  for some great ideas and if you do need to buy some new products... I personally love Eartheo who sell straws, bags and other sustainable products through facebook and local Gold Coast markets. 


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