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Ethical Gifts and Black Friday; do you NEED to buy?

Posted by Jacinda Kidd on

Black Friday... it is upon us... 

What started In America has quickly made its way to Australia and it's starting to feel like there is no avoiding it!

As Thanksgiving finishes, the Christmas season truly starts. And with that comes the crazy sales and manic buying. 

There are many who denounce Black Friday due to the commercialisation and emphasis on consumerism.

Here at Sea A Change, we were going to ignore it, but it seems to be at every corner that we turn, so instead we would like to take this opportunity to share some alternatives with you. 

The ethical hierarchy of gift purchasing has been making it's way around the socials lately and is a great way to make you reconsider your gift purchasing. 

Just because there are sales happening all around you, does not mean you need to get caught up in the senseless buying. Take the time to think about what you are purchasing and why. Consider how long that item will be used for and what will happen to it when it is no longer wanted. Follow the hierarchy, time and memories are at the top for a reason, they are something that will outlast any purchase (even if you do save yourself 50%). 

There are also many eco friendly and sustainable businesses who are working towards a trend of Green Friday. All in all it comes down to not losing your head in the madness, yes the sales get tempting, but remember to still be a conscious consumer. 




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